13 мая 2013

I've got a lover with Chanel Rouge Allure #09

Русскую версию можно прочесть здесь

Hi everyone!
This time I want to tell you about my lover!
I mean my lipstick Chanel Rouge Allure #09 Lover ;)
I was examining it for a long time and finally I decided that I can't live without it!
So let me express my impression of this wonderful thing.

First of all I want to tell about the packaging. So cute and elegant - it's made of glossy black plastic.
In the bottom you can see golden Chanel's emblem.

To uncover it just press the golden emblem and the lipstick will slip out right into your hand.

My characteristics of this lipstick.

Texture: very tender and silky. It covers lips smoothly, almost perfectly. The lipstick a little bit moistens lips, but an hour later it gets absorbed and lips start getting dried. The pigment stays for a long time even after you wash the lipstick off.

Fragrance: It's very gentle and unobtrusive, something floral and cosmetic. I like how it smells.

Durability: Well, here I can't tell anything good. The lipstick stays at lips at most during 2 hours and then disappears remaining only the pigment.

Here I want to show you some swatches:

And on the lips.
The first variant - I shade a little of lipstick with my fingertips. This way it looks more natural.

And now its real color:

Here I want to show you how the lipstick looks from afar:

Real color
Natural look

 I can say that I'm fully satisfied with this lipstick, I adore this color and design, the quality is excellent.